How It Works

Fresh Flowers, Awesome Gifts
No Fees

We've rebuilt the way flower shops work from the ground up so that we can give you the freshest flowers and the coolest gifts at the best prices. How do we do it? Let's find out.

Easy selection

Select a style (bouquet, vase, or roses) and price. We'll create a one-of-a-kind, designer's-choice arrangement using only the freshest flowers we can find. Or pick from our curated gifts.

Why? Because that's how you get the most beautiful, longest lasting flowers. Every day, we find the freshest flowers we can and use only those flowers when designing your arrangement. Instead of picking from an endless combination of mediocre choices, just let us know how much you want to spend and we'll create an amazing arrangement with today's best flowers.

All-in-one service

We've cut out the middle-man at every step in the process and replaced it with cutting-edge technology and 20 years of know-how. From the time you order to the moment the flowers are delivered, Brighten takes care of all the details. We are your app troubleshooter and your order taker. We are your flower curators and your "filling florist". We deliver your arrangement and send you a picture when it arrives. Have a problem? We pick up our phone.

Transparent Prices

By using only the freshest flowers and removing the middle men, we cut down on waste and pass all those savings directly to you. Using the freshest flowers every day means we don't have to hold large stocks of flowers we may never need. No middle men means no service fees that get passed on to you. Our efficient delivery system means you don't need to pay for delivery. And because we want to keep our prices easy to understand, we'll cover your taxes too.

Want to send a $39 arrangement? You'll pay exactly $39.